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Egg and Sausage Stuffing Breakfast Casserole

Egg and Sausage Stuffing Breakfast Casserole If you read my post on Thanksgiving from last year, you know Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  As a child I used to spend Thanksgiving at my Grannie’s house, a small house, where you truly felt surrounded by family.  I loved this tradition, year after year.  As an


Boss Mom

Boss Mom  Today, I was a boss mom.  I mommed hard.  I mommed the shit out of today.  Take that FriYay!  I woke up with the intention that on my “day off,” I would have lunch with Boy #3 at school as a belated birthday treat–tagging along, of course Boy #4 and


Fun After Having Kids?

Fun After Having Kids? When I posted my Back Into Blogging post, I stated I would write posts about food, family, fun, and free-for-all.  I published blogs about food and family, so now it is time to post about fun.  Fun? What is fun after having kids?  What does fun look like


Ground Beef Taco Recipe

Ground Beef Taco Recipe The one thing my handful of babes will be able to do when they move out of my house is cook. Hell, I hope by the time I have a couple kids in middle school that the two oldest will be cooking dinner for the family two nights


Back Into Blogging


Snow Day Optimism

Snow Day Optimism Today’s test . . . are you an optimist or a pessimist?  When you go to sleep with the certainty or at least the weather professionals certainty of six to eight inches of snow, one might be disappointed to awaken to sleet and a dusting of snow on the


Thanksgiving and Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup

Thanksgiving 2016 Recap and Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup Growing up I LOVED Thanksgiving.  It was my favorite holiday.  As a child, we would travel to my Grannie’s house and once there we were surrounded by extended family.  There was football played in the yard and cooking in the tiny kitchen. When


Top Toys for Boys

The Great 8 Toys That Have Lasted Nearly 8 Years In The Hands Of My Boys Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  If so, I applaud you because I certainly have not.  Years ago I did not understand everyone’s attraction to Amazon or the overall online shopping hype…four kids, a part-time job, and pregnant,


Thanksgiving Placemats

Thanksgiving Placemats The other night the boys, Hotness, and I were sitting on the sofa in the family room. Boy #1 was trying to finish the last math problem on his homework worksheet, when a football game came on T.V.  Now, I normally would have told Boy #1 to go sit in the


Boy or Girl? My gender reveal.

Dear Baby, People are excited to find out your gender!  Many ask, “do I have any mother’s intuition on your gender?”  I do not. Aside from being a little more nauseous, I feel the same as I did when I was pregnant with your four brothers.  I have my mind set on