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Morning Routine with Kids

You survived the summer. Sanity, I mean school, is back in session. The school bell rings and children enter the classroom well rested and parents high five each other in carpool drop off. If it were only that simple. Instead, it will take at least a week of hell, cranky kids, and


How To Remove Dried Urine From A Toilet Seat

How To Remove Dried Urine From A Toilet Seat Let’s face it, having five males in my house makes for some nasty bathrooms.  If you are a boymom, you probably sit in urine, step in urine, and clean urine off of the bathroom walls on a daily basis.  Oh, and let’s not


Water Bottle Storage – Easy DIY Solution

Water Bottle Storage What I think is cool on Wednesday! I am not sure if I can be a blogger who posts a lot; but, hell I will at least give it a try.  And by try, I mean post more than once every couple of weeks (let’s be real here) months.


How To Clean a Dishwasher

How To Clean A Dishwasher In the past I have noticed a little dirt and grime present in my dishwasher, so I would clean the dishwasher using the latest Pinterest method (a cup of vinegar on the top rack and baking soda on the floor).  Last week, if you were to open


Mini Van Essentials

I own a second home.  I spend the majority of my day in this second home.  Let me take you on a tour. Lets start the tour in the kitchen.  We have plenty of napkins straws, plastic utensils, tooth picks, ketchup, sugar, sanitizing hand wipes and of course a “swiss army knife”


Menu Board

The past few days I have been having the strong urge to organize–that old familiar feeling one gets when she is 9 months pregnant and nesting.  This organizational urge strikes me every couple of months.  I am thankful because as a mom of four, I need to be organized.  Even though my home