Fun After Having Kids?

Fun After Having Kids?

When I posted my Back Into Blogging post, I stated I would write posts about food, family, fun, and free-for-all.  I published blogs about food and family, so now it is time to post about fun.  Fun? What is fun after having kids?  What does fun look like once you have kids?  I have five kids.  Apparently, I have had a little fun or too much wine.  Perhaps both.  Nevertheless, I have a handful of offspring and the word fun is used lightly around here.  Most days are organized chaos.  

So how does a mom of five define fun?  I am trying to figure that out.  Not only am I mom of five, I am 35 years old. Still somewhat young, but reaching older.  When I hit 30 years old, I felt the need to incorporate kid-free fun into my life.  What is it about turning 30 years old that freaks people out?  Not sure, but I was one of those people freaking out. I began trying to duplicate the fun activities I participated in when I was “kid-less” in my early 20’s:  going out to bars (okay restaurant bars, not cool bars) taking day trips, and hosting various social events (cook outs, poker nights).  However, I was chasing a time and a season of fun that has passed.  

I moved on to other sources of fun:  movie nights with my boys, Nerf gun fights, hide-n-seek, football in the yard, playing board games, etc.  This sort of fun has served me well the last couple of years and I never want to replace this fun.  I want to continue this fun.  However, on top of this fun my weekends are 100% filled with fun, hosted by my children.  I am a genuine soccermom.  For the last five-years I have been trying to redefine what fun after having kids looks like.  I have realized my fun, my free time, is 100% kid-centric.  I love what fun looks like after having kids.  But as I turn 36 years old and become closer to 40 than 30, I am freaking out a little, again.  I want to gain back some of my  individual identity, I want to have fun with and without my kids.    

The other day I had to fill out a questionnaire which asked me to list my hobbies.  I had trouble thinking of my hobbies. What do I do for my own enjoyment?  I have ideas of what I would like to do for fun.  I listed cooking, exploring new restaurants with the hubby, running, reading, and traveling (wow I sound old and boring).  The only hobby I actually make time for is running.  Is it fun?  Maybe. However, the only reason I am running is so I can be mentally healthy to be a “fun mom” for my brood of five.  Oh, and I never run alone, I am always pushing a jogging stroller, so does running really count as a kid-free fun activity?  How does a mother make time for herself?  How does a mother gain back a piece of her individual identity while in the trenches of motherhood? What do you do for fun?  I need some fun ideas!

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