Snow Day Optimism

Snow Day Optimism

Today’s test . . . are you an optimist or a pessimist?  When you go to sleep with the certainty or at least the weather professionals certainty of six to eight inches of snow, one might be disappointed to awaken to sleet and a dusting of snow on the ground.  Optimist or pessimist?  My first thought was, “my four boys are going to be disappointed, sadden by the lack of snow.”  My second thought was, “that the local meteorologists must be getting a kickback on the sale of bread, milk, eggs, wine, and snow gear from local vendors because how can one be that off with a prediction!?”

As I lay in bed scrolling through Facebook, my primary news source, hoping the timing of the #snowmagenden is what is off, not the local weatherman, a boy runs into my room.  “Can I go sledding?” Boy #2 asks jumping up and down.  “Why don’t we wait and see if we get a little more snow?”  I ask.  I was still hoping for a miracle snowfall so we could go snow kayaking with our new inflatable kayaks.  “No mom, then it will be all melted!”  he exclaims.  Clearly this boy is used to some southern snow.  Who am I to hold back a boy excited about the trace of snow we are lucky to have?  I mean what if the weather is a total wash out and it starts raining instead?

As I help the boys put on snow gear so I can save myself loads of laundry by keeping their clothes dry, I realize how much my boys bring optimism to my life.  Instead of focusing on what could have been, snow kayaking, my boys are focused on what is before them.  We end up with a nice sheet of sleet topped with a coating of snow, perfect for sledding.  The boys do not complain once about being disappointed with the amount of snow, or lack thereof.  However, on the other hand, my Facebook feed is filled with updates from disappointed adults.  At what age do we lose that childlike optimism?

I started my day with disappointment, but my focus quickly changed as I watched my giddy children have a fun-filled snow day.  As we end this holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day) I have come to the realization that my perspective on a memorable childhood for my boys is not the true understanding of the relative importance of what a memorable childhood entails.  Why do I even feel the pressure to make their childhood memorable, so to speak?  Well, that is another whole topic for a different day.  For now, I will relish in how my boys help me to see the glass half full of lemonade, not lemons!  Oh, and the fact that school on Monday for the boys looks A LOT more realistic than it did 48 hours ago . . .  okay wait . . . forgot where I live . . . I mean Tuesday.

My boys would still be outside playing, long into the night, if I did not make them come in to eat dinner.  Having to beg the boys to eat…that is a first!  Of course I wanted to join the fun, but I put the brakes on the whole way for baby girl.  Before you ask, yes we moved the car and I told the boys to stop going head first. Adulting is hard!

If you are wondering what we had for dinner, we enjoyed my infamous Meatballs and Gravy.  It was a postponed birthday dinner for boy #2 who was sick on his actual birthday.  To top off the night, Boy #2 declared “God gave me this day for my birthday present.  He made the sun shine, but not melt the ice, He made it snow the perfect amount.  Sledding today has been the best.”  Drops the mic.

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