Top Toys for Boys

Top Toys For Boys

The Great 8 Toys That Have Lasted Nearly 8 Years In The Hands Of My Boys

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  If so, I applaud you because I certainly have not.  Years ago I did not understand everyone’s attraction to Amazon or the overall online shopping hype…four kids, a part-time job, and pregnant, I now understand the hype.  I do love to support local shops, however, I rarely shop in a store these days. Most items I buy via the big guys online.

Over the past ten years I have seen my fair share of toys come and go.  Most toys fulfill a phase of life or interest the boys are going through at that moment.  Rarely does a toy make it on my “all time favorites” list, other than a cardboard box.  Here is a list of the top toys for boys (or girls) that have survived my toy purge rages and the gentle hands of four rough boys:

1. Power Wheels Jeep

We have the Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, but I do not think the Rubicon model is for sale anymore.  This toy has been LOVED by all four boys!  Our oldest son received this gift from Santa just weeks after he turned 3 years old.  He was a pro at driving this jeep by the end of Christmas day.  Seven years later you will still catch that same boy stealing this toy from his youngest brother.  We had to replace the two back tires two years ago and Santa will finally have to replace the battery this year.  Not too shabby considering we have left this toy outside in the rain, sleet, snow, and hot sun over the years.

2. Micro Mini Scooter

The frugal side of me hates the price tag of this scooter.  However, considering I have run over this scooter twice with my van and it still rides perfectly, I am going to let the price slide.  Have you ever seen a toddler cruise down the sidewalk on one of these scooters?  It is an amazing sight!  This Micro Mini Scooter is speedy, but yet it is so easy for a small child to maneuver as he/she turns a corner or slows down/stops.

3. Cars car set

Has your little one seen the Disney Pixar movie Cars?  If not, I HIGHLY recommend you put this movie on your list of movies to watch.  This movie has been a favorite in my house for eight years!  I think I can recite the entire movie. However, oddly enough, I do not want to rip my ears off after continuously listening to this movie play in my van DVD player for months at a time. When my youngest was 2 years old we started collecting, what my boys call, “talking cars” and the Cars have been passed down from one boy to the next through the years.

4.  Matchbox Cars

Speaking of cars, Matchbox Cars are inexpensive, easy to stash anywhere, and hours of fun.  The other day we were at the dentist office and Boy #4 was losing his patience in the waiting room.  We probably own over 100 Matchbox Cars so I knew a couple of cars had to be stashed in the seats and pockets of my wonder mom mobile (aka van).  Sure enough I was able to gather a handful of cars from the van, which entertained my threenager for the duration of the dental visit.

5.  Plasma Car

A Plasma Car is not just an ordinary ride on toy.  This ride on toy is suitable for all ages.  Hell, my mom even rode on this toy.  My mom bought each of her grandchildren a Plasma Car for Christmas one year.  My boys, their cousins, and the neighborhood kids love to race down the slightly inclined driveways in the neighborhood.  However, the kids have fun using their bodies to move the cars all around the flat garage as well.

6.  Brio Track Set

I have never purchased a Brio Track Set.  The Brio tracks my boys have used for the past 8 years are the tracks my mom saved from my childhood days.  Now that is a good quality wooden track!

7.  Thomas the Train Wooden Trains

What trains do my boys play with on the Brio tracks?  None other than Thomas the Train engines!  Years ago I spent a lot of money on these wooden trains, more than I care to admit.  However, what I did not know then was the investment I was actually making.  These little wooden trains are like a member of the family.  Thomas and his friends have provided my four boys with countless hours of play throughout the last eight years!  This is the one toy I think I will never give away.   Over the years the paint has chipped off some engines, Thomas has even been thrown in the bath tub, but the trains look perfect to me, scathed and all.

8.   Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline (My First Trampoline 84″)

This is a new addition to my top toys for boys, an indoor trampoline.  I did not want to buy a large trampoline to go in the backyard because this would almost guarantee a trip to the emergency room.  I did want a safe way for my boys to get their energy out on rainy/cold days when we are stuck in the house.  The boys climbing over the sofa, jumping off tables and climbing the door frame was starting to get a little out of control.  Que the indoor trampoline.  Last year we scored My First Trampoline, made by Pro Bounce, for less than $100 on Amazon.  This toy changed our family dynamic.  Boy #2 who has some anxiety issues, which after a long day at school, would cause behavioral issues at home, uses this trampoline as his therapy.  For the past year, after school, or on stressful days Boy #2 will spend hours jumping and playing with a ball on the indoor trampoline.  After a year of constant use, we had to replace about 15 springs, which was an inexpensive and easy task.

Thanks for stopping by and please comment below with any questions about the toys listed.  I am always on the lookout for great toys, what are the top toys in your house?

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