Thanksgiving Placemats

Thanksgiving Placemats

The other night the boys, Hotness, and I were sitting on the sofa in the family room. Boy #1 was trying to finish the last math problem on his homework worksheet, when a football game came on T.V.  Now, I normally would have told Boy #1 to go sit in the dining room and finish his homework without distraction.  Logical solution, right? Apparently the dining room was not the obvious solution, because Hotness immediately spoke up before I could and said to Boy #1, “Go sit Indian style on the carpet with your back facing the T.V.”  Boy #1 looked at his Dad like he had two heads.  If Boy #1 could answer with a “WTF,” he would have.  I burst out laughing and announced, “he does not know what Indian style is.”  “Sweetie, sit criss cross applesauce.”  Boy #1 looked at me, smiled, and said, “thanks mom.”

Clearly since Hotness and I were young, the times have changed.  I now feel old.  I was reading a great book to my preschool class the other day and I paused as I read the word Indians. I then explained another word for Indian is Native American.  However, why is it that most children’s books use the word Indian over Native American?

My students amazed me with understanding the story of Thanksgiving. We focused on learning the story of Thanksgiving and put the turkey on the back burner. Get it? I laugh at myself too much.  However, we did carve out some time to make some cute turkey Thanksgiving Placemats.  Okay, I will stop with the idioms.

I found the template, for the turkey on the Thanksgiving Placemats, on AZ Coloring.  I enlarged the turkey template using the copy machine at work and then printed it on brown construction paper.  I worked one-on-one with each child and helped he/she paint their hand with a rainbow of colors.  Then the child made three handprints, feathers on the turkey.  I then typed out a prayer, took a photo of the child praying, and put his/her name under the photo.  On the back of the Thanksgiving Placemat, the child wrote what he/she is thankful for on a free printable I found on Kids Activities Blog.  I love this Thanksgiving Placemat so much, that last year on Thanksgiving I had my boys create their own as a keepsake.  What are you Thankful for this year?

Thanksgiving Placemat Preschool

Thanksgiving Placemat Preschool

Thanksgiving Placemat Preschool 

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