DIY Febreze

DIY Febreze 

One pregnancy symptom I have had with each of my pregnancies is heightened smell.  With the other four pregnancies, aside from Hotness farts, the heightened smell symptom was not too bothersome.  This pregnancy my boys are older.  Holy hell . . . older boys are smelly!  And the foot odor will make anyone, pregnant or not, gag.

I keep all shoes and sports gear outside in the garage, on a shelf, near the door to the house.  Every time I would pass the shoe shelf to walk through the door I was welcomed with the aroma of pure foot funk.  I tried spraying the inside of the shoes with vinegar, coating the inside soles with baking soda, and stuffing the inside of the shoes with newspaper, but nothing could mask the smell, the funk, that lingered.  One day while playing taxi driver for the boys after soccer practice, Boy #2 took his cleats and soccer socks off freeing his feet from the funk trapped in his cleats.  Before Boy #2 wiggled his carefree toes, I was gagging!  

The nasty foot funk smell fills the van.  I quickly roll down the window and hang my head out of the window like a dog trying to catch an appetizing scent.  After getting some odd looks from passing drivers, I pull my head back in the window and vow I will find a solution to this foot funk epidemic.

I do some Google research, as if there is any other kind of research, and find a solution.  Alcohol!  Well, I guess alcohol does cure all problems.  I am not going to waste the vodka in the liquor cabinet, so I decide to go with rubbing alcohol, or isopropyl alcohol.  You can use straight rubbing alcohol as an odor eliminator for shoes or mix the alcohol with water and essential oils to make a pleasant smelling odor eliminator.  I decide a DIY Febreze is what I need, so I mix rubbing alcohol with water and a calming essential oil blend.  

I steam clean the boys cleats and shin guards to kill as much bacteria as I can.  Even after going through the steam sanitary cycle in my dryer, the soccer gear still has a funky stench.  I heavily spray the inside of the cleats and the shin guards with my DIY Febreze and let the soccer gear air dry.  The next day the soccer gear smells SO MUCH better.   I can actually put my nose in the cleat and sniff.  Miracle!  

The boys use their soccer gear, on the average, four days a week.  In my magic world my boys would spray their own gear each time they disrobe from soccer.  In reality, I know I am lucky they keep all their gear in the garage. It took months to train them, after I was tired of finding one shinguard next to the toilet and the other near the pantry, to take off soccer gear before entering the house.  I, on the other hand, actually remember to spray the soccer cleats and the shin guards with my DIY Febreze once a week.  Amazing what you will remember to do when it affects your well being!

I love my DIY Febreze as it has made my house a much more pleasant place to relax.  I use the DIY Febreze on my couch, the dog bed, on the kids’ stuffed animals, in my car, and on my carpet.  There are many DIY recipes for Febreze.  This recipe works for me because the rubbing alcohol kills the bacteria causing the foot funk smell–opposed to other recipes that may just mask the smell for a short period.  Whatever the reason, it works and I always make sure I have a bottle on hand.  Got stinky shoes?  Let me know, if this recipe works for you or another solution you have found to defunk smelly shoes.

DIY Febreze (Febreeze) Eliminates Shoe Odor Great DIY fabric deodorizer

DIY Febreze (Febreeze) Eliminates Shoe Odor
Great DIY fabric deodorizer

DIY Febreze


  • 1 cup of water
  • 1/2 cup of isopropyl alchol (rubbing alcohol)
  • 20-40 drops of your favorite essential oil


Place all ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake gently to mix contents before sparying.

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