I Am Pregnant With My Fifth Child

I Am Pregnant With My Fifth Child

When you have not posted a blog post in three months . . . how do you make a comeback?  Maybe with the tagline, “Pregnant!” Not really a word I thought I would be tagging directly following, my ever so enlightening, post on How To Remove Urine from a Toilet Seat.  I mean how can one top that post?!  I know how.  With a blog post that reads “I am pregnant, with my fifth child.”  Yes, fifth!  Now when people say, “you have your hands full,” I can have a smartass comeback and say “no, I just have a handful.”    

One might remember the post, 14 Reasons Why I am Done Having Kids.  Just ignore that post.  That was MY plan.  I have a friend near and dear to me who says, “God laughs when we start planning.”  Between God’s sense of humor and Hotness not feeling the urgency to schedule a simple appointment (snip, snip) here we are.  I will spare you the details of how we got here.  I will say that this post, How To Get Pregnant Without Ever Having Sex, was eerily accurate.   

Humor aside.  Hotness and I are both in different places in our spiritual journey, but we both agree that God has a plan and this is God’s plan.  From the moment we saw those two pink lines on that little white stick, there was no turning back.  Together we instantly grew excited.  We kept it our little secret for 12 weeks.  We have never lasted that long keeping a pregnancy a secret–it was fun!  This baby has already brought Hotness and me closer as a married couple in many ways, not just the obvious.  On my 35th birthday Hotness and I shared the news with our boys, our extended family, and a few close friends.  The reaction was priceless.  I am so glad we caught it on video.  

I wanted to wait a little longer to tell others about the fifth baby coming.  Why?  Lots of reasons, but none that really matter in the scheme of life.  What did matter to me was how I announced this pregnancy.  I wanted the announcement to be fun!  With Halloween a couple weeks away, I decided a fun way to announce would be to wear a fun maternity shirt to work on Halloween.  My plan was a success.  The positive reactions I got from my director, my co-workers, friends, and the parents of my students were the reactions I prayed to God I would receive.      

So here I am, telling the world.  I will be 17 weeks pregnant this Friday with my fifth bundle of joy!!  Am I destined to be a boymom or will my world be rocked with a little girl?     


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