How To Remove Dried Urine From A Toilet Seat

How To Remove Dried Urine From A Toilet Seat

Let’s face it, having five males in my house makes for some nasty bathrooms.  If you are a boymom, you probably sit in urine, step in urine, and clean urine off of the bathroom walls on a daily basis.  Oh, and let’s not forget the countless hours we spend scrubbing every crevasse of the toilet so the bathroom does not smell like a latrine.  My precious boys can you please learn to aim or lift up the toilet seat!?  I am so outnumbered and I am drowning in pee.  What can a boymom do?  I once read an article about a mom who would make her sons sit when they peed.  Genius!  However, that would require Hotness to switch from standing when he peed, to sitting; since we have no modesty in our house and my sons want to be just like their father.  Yeah, that is a battle I would never win.

No matter if you sit or stand when you pee, over time, even when one cleans the toilet regularly, urine builds up. When you lift the toilet seat up (because no one else in the house has grasped this concept) and discover…

Dried Urine Stain

dried urine stains, you quickly start scrubbing away.  Each week you use a different cleaner.  Nothing works.  Money down the toilet. Just as you open your browser and begin searching Amazon to find the perfect toilet seat replacement, you open  another tab in your browser, Google.  Google once again comes to the rescue and introduces you to the….


Pumie.  Your world forever changes.  The downfall to using this pumice stick is that it might scratch my lovely plastic toilet seat.  Frankly, I did not give a shit.  I was either going to scratch a hole in this toilet trying to get rid of the dried urine stain or I was getting a new toilet seat.  I was going to win the battle over dried urine one way or another.  Go big or go home!  I put on some rubber gloves, You Tubed how to remove a toilet seat, realized how easy it was, unscrewed the hinges on the toilet seat, and carried the urine crusted toilet seat over to my slop sink.  I grabbed the Pumice, turned on the faucet, and five minutes later…

clean toliet seat

my seat was clean!!!!  Yes, it is the same toilet seat as pictured before.  I added the lovely artwork above the toilet (not pictured with dirty toilet) after I cleaned the seat.  Hell, after I cleaned the seat, I was so motivated, I actually gave the bathroom a little makeover.  More on that another day.  Back to the toilet seat.  Before I took the toilet seat off the hinges I took this picture…

toilet hinge

Thank God guests in my house never lifted up the toilet seat hinge covers.  No, that is not pubic hair….cringe…it is dog hair!  Here is what the hinges looked like after I cleaned them with the pumice stick…

clean hindges

I detached the hinge covers so I could place a piece of white Duck Tape over the hinges to prevent urine from getting trapped in the hinges, again.  After I covered the screw with white Duck Tape, I placed the hinge cover back on.  I like to work smart at times so I do not have to work so hard.

Duck Tape on Toilet

I won the battle!  Did I scratch the seat, yeah just a little.  Was it worth it?  Hell yeah!  The Pumie has also removed rust stains in my bathtub, left by Matchbox cars, and built up dirt, without leaving a scratch.  I cannot wait to tackle the mineral buildup inside the toilet bowl! Have you used a Pumie?

Toliet Urine

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