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About Me …. the face behind the computer

This blog started with one vision and warped into another.  Isn’t that the punchline for life?!  When I started this blog years ago I was a stay-at-home mom looking for purpose, beyond just being a mom.  I wanted to learn to blog like a pro, to photograph food, to teach myself new cooking techniques.  Well, I am not a pro blogger and never will be.  I now just use an iPhone when I take any picture, a far cry from a photographer.  I am not teaching myself new cooking skills these days.  I traded the kitchen for the classroom and I am teaching 4 and 5 year old kids some mad skills.  And finding purpose?  I am beginning to just accept that my purpose is just being myself, whatever that looks like.

So why do I still have this blog?  Because one vision has remained the same; I intend to document my motherhood journey, all the while hoping I can help others on a similar journey by sharing recipes (now simple recipes that require no cooking skill), my latest attempts at organization, family fun moments (whatever that looks like with 5 kids) and other motherhood ramblings.

Ten Fun Facts About Me:

1. I am a mom to a handful of kids, four boys and one girl.
2. I have a Masters in Social Work.
3. I am far from “normal.” I actually have a neurological disorder, myoclonus dystonia. Do not ask me to carry your coffee unless you want me to spill it all over you. It sucks, but we all have problems so I just roll with it.
4. I have bad anxiety.  I have suffered from both PPA and PPD.
5. I LOVE dark chocolate. The darker the better!
6. I love craft beer but it no longer loves me.  I am slowly becoming a wineo.
7. I believe in God.
8. I am addicted to my morning cup of coffee, in a travel mug with a lid of course. My boys know not to talk to me in the morning before my coffee is in my hand.
9. I LOVE the color blue, it makes me happy. I should have known I would have four boys, since the color blue makes me happy.
10. I get paid to play…I am a preschool teacher and LOVE it!

Feel free to contact me anytime at fourhungryboys@gmail.com

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