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About Me …. the face behind the computer


This blog started after I left a career as a journalist to start a family.This blog started after I traveled the world and developed a passion for food. This blog started after leaving a career as a sous chef to stay at home with my boys. This blog started after discovering a passion and talent for photography within myself. If only I had an interesting topic sentence such as the above, however, my life is far removed from any of these statements. This blog started after I discovered my life, with four sons, and one husband, (Who needs more than one husband? More than one wife, maybe?) meant a life trapped in my kitchen.  Since I am trapped in the kitchen, I might as well learn to cook my way out. Feeding a family of six is not cheap! I am learning to prepare food from scratch, so I can stuff those little mouths with wholesome food, before the phrase “Mom I am HUNGRY” escapes their mouths.

Aside from learning to cook, I am learning to survive this motherhood journey.  When I am not in the kitchen you can find me on the sideline cheering for my little soccer stars or in the classroom playing with my besties, who just happen to be only four and five years old.  On this blog I intend to document my motherhood journey, all the while hoping I can help others on a similar journey by sharing recipes, my latest attempts at organization, my favorite preschool moments, and other motherhood ramblings.


Ten Fun Facts About Me:

1. I am NOT a writer, but I do hold a BS in Elementary Education so at least what I write is somewhat comprehensible.
2. I have no culinary experience, but I feed four hungry boys daily.
3. I am far from “normal.” I actually have a neurological disorder, myoclonus dystonia. Do not ask me to carry your coffee unless you want me to spill it all over you. It sucks, but we all have problems so I just roll with it.
4. I know nothing about photography, but I hold a Masters in Social Work. These two facts have no correlation other than it affirms I am willing to learn and I am teachable.
5. I LOVE dark chocolate. The darker the better!
6. I choose beer (non GMO of course) over wine.
7. I believe in God.
8. I am addicted to my morning cup of coffee, in a travel mug with a lid of course. My boys know not to talk to me in the morning before my coffee is in my hand.
9. I LOVE the color blue, it makes me happy. I should have known I would have four boys, since the color blue makes me happy.
10. I get paid to play…I am a preschool teacher and LOVE it!

Feel free to contact me anytime at fourhungryboys@gmail.com

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