Puffy Snowman Craft and Old School Snow Days

Puffy Snowman and Snow Days Remember two weeks ago I wrote a, “What I think is cool on Wednesday” blog?  Yeah, me either.  I had to go back and re-read the post I wrote.  Well, here I am again . . . on a Wednesday . . . after a loooooooong weekend.


Easy Quick Pizza Dough

Easy Quick Pizza Dough I approach the receptionist of the SPCA and filled with excitement say, “we are here to check out the three lab-mix dogs we saw on your website, Caramel, Bea, and Paisley!”  The receptionist quickly answers with, “I believe all these dogs have adoptions pending.”  Well, damn. I turn


Water Bottle Storage – Easy DIY Solution

Water Bottle Storage What I think is cool on Wednesday! I am not sure if I can be a blogger who posts a lot; but, hell I will at least give it a try.  And by try, I mean post more than once every couple of weeks (let’s be real here) months.


Oatmeal Breakfast Bars – Healthy Fast Breakfast Packed with Protein

Oatmeal Breakfast Bars and A Dog Part 1 Happy New Year! How are those New Year’s resolutions?  I once read that it takes at least 21 days 6 weeks to realistically form a new habit, so good luck!  I have some resolutions for myself this year, but it seems old habits die-hard. I


Burger Sliders

Burger Sliders and Sliding Back Into My Blog Well, I got myself a  j-o-b.  In August I re-entered the working world.  Many years and many babies later, I am receiving an actual paycheck for all my hard work.  Not going to lie, I like having the extra cash. Granted my paycheck goes


Penne with Broccoli and Balsamic Butter

Penne with Broccoli and Balsamic Butter It has been a helluva day.  Trying to find my inner chi I decide to workout, T 25 style.  The boys join in.  We began to laugh together as we do squats.  Just as I begin to feel the rush of “feel good” endorphins, my stress


Homemade Peanut Butter and Cereal

Homemade Peanut Butter and Cereal The boys and I were off to the bus stop (yes, we are back in school) this morning, when Boy #2 politely remarks, “I forgot my water bottle.  Will you please go get it, mom?”  Should I be a Tiger Mom and respond with, “Too bad son.


Homemade Fish Sticks and Petechiae

Homemade Fish Sticks and Petechiae Sunday morning the older boys woke up and went directly downstairs to play their precious video games. I lay in bed coming off of a parental high. You know, those rare family fun days where everyone is happy? The days when you truly enjoy living in the


Golden Child and Golden Chicken

Golden Child and Golden Chicken Do you have a child who was a great baby, skipped the threenage years, breezed through the first years of elementary school and makes your life as a mother easier, you know, a Golden Child?  If you have more than one child, you know what I am


Baked Tacos and Self-Care

Baked Tacos and Self-Care The day starts off with Boy #1 going on a play date.  Boy #2 is not happy about this. “He will probably get to play video games. That’s not fair because it is not the weekend!” I hate f’ing video games!! The constant arguing over what game to play together,